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New Rochelle Looking to Become TOD Hub

August 4, 2014 at 11:36 am

New Rochelle 11(2)By: Marissa Weiss, JD anticipated May 2016

How do you become the preferred transit-oriented destination in the New York Metropolitan area? New Rochelle is currently looking for the answer by inviting developers to invest and partner with the City on potential TOD projects. The City recently published two documents: a Transit-Oriented Development Smart Growth Study, initiated by the New York and Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium, and a Request for Qualifications: Master Developer for Transit-Oriented & Downtown Development Clusters, based upon the study’s research. The City hopes to create “an active, mixed-use district with convenient, safe, and pleasant access” to the New Rochelle Transportation Center.

ITDP’s TOD Standard: Benchmarking Against International Best Practices

March 28, 2014 at 8:26 pm

By: Audrey Friedrichsen, Esq., Scenic Hudson muestra-TOD2_Final2

The Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”) Standard was drafted by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (“ITDP”) as an assessment, recognition and policy guidance tool to benchmark practices and policies against what is considered international best practice in urban development.  The TOD Standard “recognizes development that is proactively oriented toward, rather than simply located adjacent to, public transport.”It analyzes whether a proposed urban development promotes high-quality, car free lifestyles through the ITDP’s eight Principles of Transport in Urban Life: (1) promote walking; (2) promote cycling; (3) create networks of streets and paths; (4) locate near high quality public transit; (5) provide for mixed use; (6) create density and transit capacity; (7) create short commutes; and, ultimately, (8) shift away from road use and parking for cars (the “Principles”).